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contact us 9844297275 working time 7:00am to 11:00 pm Everyday We are a reputed , young and energetic Gypsum ceiling design Contractor , providing a complete range of high end Gypsum ceiling design services and Gypsum ceiling design solutions.false ceiling contractors in Chennai , grid ceiling contractors in Chennai , false ceiling contractors in Bangalore, gypsum ceiling contractors in Bangalore , gypsum ceiling contractors in Chennai , False ceiling contractors in Lucknow , POP contractors in Lucknow , gypsum false ceiling worker LucknowUSES:Its used to conceal varied service lines- structural features , open pipes and wiring, and air conditioning ducts.It gives more options to use special lighting systems such as cove lighting, wall washers, floating effects and so on.False ceiling can be used to give thermal insulation for a given space.Besides, it also creates an effective sonic system especially in auditoriums, cinema halls or recording studios.TYPES OF SUSPENDED CEILINGS EXPOSED OR LAY-IN GRID CONCEALED GRID SEMI-CONCEALED GRIDCONCEALED GRID FORMETAL CLIP-IN TILES METAL STRIP OPEN CELL CEILINGS BESPOKE METAL CEILINGS METAL FURRING SYSTEMS GRID PERIMETER TRIMS HANGERS "
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