Q. What is a natural remedy for migraine?

Asked by Vandana Gori 2179 day(s) ago in category Health

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A1. I don't know

Says arun sutar on Dec 11, 2008

A2. There is a plant called "Touch me not" in Kerala..this plant is good for migraine. You may contact Dr. Mr. Harendran Nair of Pankaja Kasturi, Kerala, tvm, he has lot of techniques to cure this...many of my friends took his medicine and out of migraine now.

Says kapil on Dec 11, 2008

A3. There is one concentrate in breathing exercise in yoga which can be practiced by you for all ailments like the present question of migrane.Lie down flat and relax for 5 to 10 minutes early in the morning (means you are trying to know about your self and concentrating /following in the proess of your breathing technic).
Then for another 10 minutes try in take of breath for 8 seconds duration then hold for 8sec and release the breath slowly for 8secs.You may feel discomfort for the starting day but try this regular oxigen in take to get up for a better oncoming working day.Select an open space for doing this early morning.

Says vayalale balasubramanian on Dec 11, 2008

A4. Simply suffer in silence!!

Says anand yni on Dec 11, 2008

A5. Just take a little rest

Says alex pandian on Dec 11, 2008

A6. Check this site. There are useful tips. Try any one of the 17 tips.

Says Jayakrishnan on Dec 10, 2008

A7. None which has proven to be remedial or effective.

Says mahesh chandra on Dec 10, 2008

A8. Do Anulom vilom pranayam at least for 20 min in morning, you will be cure from any pain. main problem of migrane is lake of oxygen in body. a pranayam will help you to oxyginate your body.

Says Akshya Kumar on Dec 10, 2008

A9. You don't know

Says AMIT MAHARSHI on Dec 10, 2008

A10. Jalebi

Says Mirza on May 17, 2011

A11. Slleeepppppp

Says PRAVEEN DHAWAN on Dec 11, 2008

A12. Early moarning Milk & Jalebi for few days. Very good solution.

Says sudhir pandya p on Dec 11, 2008

A13. Stop acid producing food intake, check for further details.

Says sangeeeta shirodkar on Dec 11, 2008

A14. .....stay a BACHELOR !!

Says michael das on Dec 11, 2008

A15. Whether home remedy or alopathic, you must take the dosage immediately after you notice the symptom because when migrane sets in then it is very difficult to bring down the pain. So please treat yourself immediately at slightest symptom of migrane. always keep your medicine handy. wish you speedy recovery.

Says ramesh c rao on Dec 11, 2008

A16. Do pranayam regularly.

Says Ramdas Iyer on Dec 11, 2008

A17. Stay cool,Drink lots of water,eat raw vegetables like carrot,cucumber with pepper powder,Take a disprin & sleep well,Do not talk to anyone....You will be fit when you are awake....

Says Pawan Gunjal on Dec 11, 2008

A18. As indicated by many in this column, Ramdev Baba's pranyama techniques have helped me a great in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine. People tell to avoid spicy foods and certin things which are specifically allergic to U. Those have to identified by URself. Yah, drink at least 3/4 to one lite of water immediately after getting up in the morning. Bowel should be kept clean by good amounts of fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables. try to relax during working hours by practicing Anulome Viloma. When working on computer or watching TV give breaks after every 1/2 hours.

Says rajendra hegde on Dec 11, 2008

A19. Alom- vilom and kapal bharti yoga will cure migraine

Says shekhar vashishtha on Dec 11, 2008

A20. As per me thr is nothing like Natural remedy for migraine. Magraine i feel is sometimes like slow poison. But still , one shud stress one self less , take maximum sleep and shud be careful in fud , as some type of fud triggers migraine.

Says khushnuma on Dec 11, 2008

A21. Don't take tension

Says Aakanksha on Dec 11, 2008

A22. Meditation

Says praveen kumar gupta on Dec 11, 2008

A23. Stare at the sun for 15 min. daily in the morning. And eat Lots and Lots of Jalebis..

Says Apurva Mehta on Dec 11, 2008

A24. Ramdev's Pranayam, specially the Kapalbhati should be of much help in this regard.

Says Sovan Mandal on Dec 11, 2008

A25. Only natural remedy for migraine is not to be too sensitive. Keep cool and avoid stress at any point of time. Then you will enjoy freedom from that disastrous one.

Says msekarr on Dec 11, 2008

A26. Keep both your eyes and ears closed for some time. Take long breaths atleast five - six times. Then have a glass of cold water and site alone, if possible.

Says suniti chatterjee on Dec 11, 2008

A27. You will be better off by attending a course conducted by Isha Foundation - Satguru Jaggi Vasudev- Waves of Joy. In this course Sambavi Mahamudra is taught. That is the final stage of 21 minutes exercise process and starts with Pathanga Asana & Sisubala Asana. The latter 2 asanas control the vertebral column and help you control your mind thereby finding a natural remedy for migraine. Moreover, virtues of nature food is also discussed during the 7 day -3 hours daily (6 days) + 6.00 am to 6 pm ( 1day - 2 hours gap) programme. Lectures by Satguru through video form part of the course. It is a great joy to watch through video Satguru explaining in his inimmitable style the assana postures Please contact the centre in your place. For more info visit the Isha website. The course fee is just Rs.500/-. You will benefit immensely from this course.

Says N J RAJAGOPAL on Dec 11, 2008

A28. There is a herb called muttidare muni the call in kannada use that one every night u will be relieved however show to neurologist

Says Dinesh C S on Dec 11, 2008

A29. Eat some sweet in the morning like jilabi( if u r not a diabetic) and then pranayam,nasya,do not take stress etc....when u get migrane do not go by brain & heart do things mechanically. what is your zodiac sign

Says Mamta xxxxxx on Dec 10, 2008