Q. How we use tulsi herb and 4 what purpose?

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A1. For cold.
When preparing tea, add tulsi leaves, it is good for health.
Eat raw leaves,
Take juice of tulsi and mix with honey and have for cold and cough

Says Judy Pawar on Apr 18, 2007

A2. Tulsi is designated 'Queen' of herbs.
Tulsi is widly used in vegetables, tomato sauces, chicken, pizzas, egg dishes and cheeses. It is used in green Thai curry and Italian seasonings. Basil ice cubes are can be used for stews and soups.Medicinal use Tulsi is used as a remedy for the following problems:
Nausea, gas pains and dysentery:
Have Tulsi tea (eight Tulsi leaves in a cup of boiling water)

Vomiting, constipation and enteritis:
Tulsi is very useful for stomach and the related organ problems.

Says D chhetri on Apr 19, 2007

A3. Tulsi is nature's antiseptic. can be crushed and applied on small wounds for fast healing. You will stay at bay from fever, cold cough if you regularly drink tulsi and ginger boiled water particularly in monsoon and winter.

Says nina kurup on Apr 18, 2007

A4. 1. Fever & Common Cold: In case of acute fevers, a decoction of the leaves boiled with powdered cardamom in half a liter of water and mixed with sugar and milk brings down the temperature. The juice of tulsi leaves can be used to bring down fever. Extract of tulsi leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours. In between one can keep giving sips of cold water. In children, it is every effective in bringing down the temperature.

2. Sore Throat: Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as drink in case of sore throat. This water can also be used as a gargle.

3. Respiratory Disorder: A decoction of the leaves, with honey and ginger is an effective remedy for bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough and cold. A decoction of the leaves, cloves and common salt also gives immediate relief in case of influenza. They should be boiled in half a liter of water till only half the water is left and add then taken.

4. Kidney Stone: It has strengthening effect on the kidney. In

Says Pritpal Kaur (Sony) on Apr 19, 2007

A5. Tulsi is the queen of herbs. Jis Ghar mein ho tulsi ka podha woh ghar rahey sada falta fulta, this is the very old truth of ages. Tulsi ko kisi bhi rup mein lijiye, chahey boil karke, chahe aise hi chabiye, hamare shareer ke liye bahut faydemand hoti he tulsi. Chai mein 2-3 tusli patey daliye, swad ke saath-2 khansi, kharash sub khatam.

Says Malik S. on Apr 19, 2007

A6. Tulsi is great and can be served as medicine specially in cold. Boil Tulsi leaves in water while preparing tea.
Take 3-4 leaves of tulsi with kali mirchi boil it and take the soup of it.
Or chew tulsi leaves in morning.

Says arty on Apr 19, 2007

A7. For clean skin

Says Sam on Apr 18, 2007

A8. Ya! take it raw as suggested earlier or
make kaada of it - preparation, make water boiling, add very little tea leaf(tea) put the tulsi leaf and then pour in a cup or glass where you have already put the sugar (quantity at your will).


Says chandra singh on Apr 19, 2007

A9. to get off from cold cough & wound

Says friend on Apr 18, 2007


Says madhu nanda on Apr 19, 2007

A11. tulsi leaves can used with different combination for different deaseses , read or buy the book how tulsi effective in our day today life

Says SAMA RANI on Apr 18, 2007

A12. Tulsi has been revered by the people of India for its multi farious uses since vedic times.The essential oil of sacred basil has about 71 % eugenol & is comparable to that of clove oil.The juice of tulsi leaves possesses antiseptic,diaphoretic,antiperiodic, stimulating,expectorant,anti-pyretic and memory improving properties. It is one among the few plants which purifies thye atmosphere.

Says virender singh chauhan on Apr 19, 2007

A13. Boil Tulsi leaves with pepper,dry ginger,turmeric powder and coriander seeds in water for about 20minutes.Add "panang Kalkandu"-a sugar in brown colur,stir and drink-This is very good medication for throat problems and gastric abnormalities....

Says savitha ramasamy on Apr 19, 2007

A14. grind TULSI leaves with few drops of drinking water and take with honey and ginzer
decoction, it will cough, cold,clear throat and headache.

Says sarajit mukhopadhyay on Apr 19, 2007

A15. Tulsi is considered as the Queen of herbs. It can be used on various occassions. Its is very good for cough and cold. Especially, if anyone suffer from cold, 10 leaves of Tulsi shall mix with boiled water and do steam inhalation, which could help your nose blocking and throat infection. Moreoever, it can be used for bathing children. Also, if you plant Tulsi around your houses, especially near to your bed rooms, its herbal power can prevent small insects coming into your room.

Says Rajeev Gopinath on Apr 19, 2007

A16. just watch ''kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi''ha ha...

Says nikhil gupta on Apr 19, 2007

A17. a good medicine for throat related problems and can be chewed directly.

Says Sriram Desikan on Apr 18, 2007

A18. Point 1:- if 7 leaves are taken daily early in the mornig after bath and before sunrise,there will be no deseases throught your life. It is my own experience.
Point 2:- It is the holliest and best herbal medicine of all like neem.
point 3:- Best for memory power, hormone imbalance,stamina & vitality,cough and cold if taken raw or making juice.
There are so many benifits we can take from Tulsi leaves.Thease are few tips for home remadies.

Says Debendra Sundarray on Apr 19, 2007

A19. Tulsi is very effecting in common cough & cold. You can boil in in tea & drink. Tulsi branches are also helpful in Jaundice. If you wear them roping in a thread, it will definately help you.

Says himanshu panwar on Apr 19, 2007

A20. Holy Basil (Tulsi) is of two types. According to some experts there are many other types of basil namely white and black. Both have the same qualities. Basil is hot, bitter, increases the digestive fire, beneficial for the heart, spicy, increases the bile and cures leprosy, burning sensation in the urine, blood impurities, pain due to stones, kapha and vata.
Holy Basil is mainly used for curing cold and kapha. Black basil also known as shyama tulsi is used along with black pepper to remove kapha from the lungs. It is effective in curing fever. The dry basil leaves powder is used for curing kapha. The oil cooked with bails paste is useful in ear pain and nose problem. Along with lemon it is used for curing eczema and ringworm. The seeds are useful for increasing the potency in men. The leaves, seeds, flowers, skin, stem and roots are useful for curing all diseases of the body. The atmosphere is absolutely clean and pure where basil plant is grown and the lightning does not strike that p

Says Amey Parab on Apr 19, 2007

A21. First of all we worship Tulsi, Secondly tulsi is used as medicine, it is besically used in Ayurvedic medicine. We can also make Kara by using tulsi leaves, some pepper, sund etc. it is good for curing cough & cold. Since ancient times it is believed that if we keep tulsi plant at our courtyard, the evil souls would remain out of our house.

Says Manju Monga on Apr 19, 2007

A22. tulsi acts as medicine for cold,cough,tooth pain,digestion and it is good to have 2or3 leaves daily to be healthy and to stay away from minor is very effective in throat pain.

Says loki mayur on Apr 19, 2007

A23. Tulsi like pudina is a very good condiment. It may help in digestion. IT HAS NO OTHER MEDICINAL properties. Hindus think Tulsi must be medicine which cures all diseases.

Says srinivas iragavarapu on Apr 19, 2007

A24. If you have cold ,cough , Pls take a cup of tulsi tea. When preparing tea add tulsi leaves. If you have chew tulsi leaves in morning before breakfast, its good for health and teeth

Says PAULSAMY ARUMUGAM on Apr 19, 2007

A25. Tulsi has magical and multifarious advantages on health.It helps recover from cold and cough, improves digestion, purifies our blood ,removes toxins from our body,adds glow to skin etc.The list is endless.Have it raw as leaves ,with honey or add to dishes as garnishing.

Says goutam sen on Apr 19, 2007

A26. Tulsi has so many uses. It also helps for nourshing hairs, Tulsi oil prevent dandraff and help in fallen hairs.

Says Ravi Choudhary on Apr 21, 2007

A27. I have been using tulsi leaves for years, except while travelling.while at home every night, i put 4 leaves of tulsi, in one glass of warm water for about 15 minutes and then remove them y and drink the same water before going to sleep. I get nice and undisturbed sleep. this is my personal experience.

Says harshah bommireddipalli on Apr 20, 2007

A28. Tulsi can be taken with honey to cure cold

Says debjani mohanty on Apr 19, 2007

A29. Eat it 4-5 leaves everyday morning, it will purify your blood to a certain extent.

Says sjige dkv on Apr 19, 2007

A30. 1. For those prone to sore-throat, cough, cold & chest congestion;
In the morning empty stomach take 4-5 full size washed tulsi leaves; 1/2 tea/s/f chopped ginger; and 3-4 balls of black pepper.
Take all together in mouth, chew it and then take 1/4 tea/s/f honey and suck it in slowly.
Donot take anything thereafter for at least 15 mins.
Once in the morning is enough. See positive results within a week.

P.S. For Those who pluck the tulsi leaves from their plants: Gently, Please take permission of plant, explaining it the reason for which the leaves would be plucked.
The results would be best.

2. Grow Tulsi (holy basil) in bushes around your apartment to keep Malarial mosquitoes away.

Says AjitKumar Bajpai on Apr 20, 2007

A31. Basically for cold & cough when you mix it with honey after boiling it in water. Rest good if leaves swallon.

Says sudeepa trakroo on Apr 20, 2007

A32. Generally used for cold and cough and related ailments. But the wonderful use is for anxiety and related mental disturbeances. It is well taken raw early in the morning and night. The practice in temples in south will indicate the use.

Says lakshmanan sowmianarayanan on Apr 19, 2007

A33. toda sa tulsi, haath me lijiye. ek ek kar chabayiye. Tab tak chabaiye jab tak mooh mai chaale na pad jaaye...

Says Neo on Apr 20, 2007

A34. There are many types of "Tulsi".In english it is known as Basil. In india we commonly have two types know as "Krishna tulsi" dark pruple color leaves and the other one is "Ram Tulsi" which has green leaves"Both have slightly different fragrance from one to others . Both have different curing properties and effects on human health.Krishna tulsi is commonly good for steam inhalation with couple of leaves to cure cold , running nose & sinus related problems. Rubbing the leaves on injury caused by insect bite or sting of bees or wasps works magic. Ram tulsi leaves are for oral application for chest congetion, throat inflammation, and it si said that eating the certain amout of leaves can improve CNS(central nervous system)

Says DrKumarChatterjea on Apr 19, 2007

A35. Tulsi is diphoretic (sweat producing) so it should be taken in limited quantity in summer,
It is anti tussive (cough suppressent)
It should not be chewed as it causes abrasion of teeth
For other details contact me I am always available for pharma related querries
Bye for now.

Says AMITKANT SHARMA on Apr 19, 2007

A36. Its an ayurvedic medicine which is used to cure pimples,cough,it is also used in curing skin irradications etc

Says salmahani on Apr 20, 2007

A37. Tulsi is Many in one ::::::::::::)

Says anup bagla on Apr 19, 2007

A38. people suffering from hypothyroidism can munch handful of fresh tulsi leaves daily in morning for better results.

Says Ranganathan Nyayapathi on Apr 20, 2007

A39. Botanically nomenclatured as Ocimum tenuiflorum, Tulsi is also known as the holy basil. Worshipped by hindus all over india,Tulsi has two variants- tulsi with dark colour leaves known as Shyama tulsi and tulsi with light colour leaves known as Rama tulsi. Shyama tulsi has special place in ayurveda due to its great medicinal properties. Tulsi balances body systems, helps in adapting to stress, protects from radiation poisoning, acts as a pain reliever, provides relief in colds, reduces headache, corrects gastro disorders, checks infflammation and keeps a tab on heart diseases. It 's due to its amazing effects on health that tulsi is also called the elixir of life .

Says anupam kumar on Apr 19, 2007

A40. Tulsi is a medicated Plant, the Smell of the leaves keeps MALARIA & Mosquitoes away. Tulsi Plant it watered daily as a ritual after bath purifies the mind & body, One Tulsi leaf eaten daily would cure all the major complications and rather prevents any new complications.

Says ragava venkata on Apr 22, 2007

A41. Tulsi is Prasad & Blessing of God. This is also good for Cold & cough. Tulsi leaves boil with tea.

Says kailash verma on Apr 20, 2007

A42. it divin mdicine for cold and throat deceases

Says Dinesh C S on Apr 19, 2007

A43. Tulsi has great imoptance and significance in our Indian culture. In Ayurveda Tulsi is called the mother of all herbs. In this era every person specially in india use tulsi herbs for various ailments like in Cold, Fewer, Malariya etc.

But the tulsi herbs are also used by diabetics paitents with some other herbs like alovera. Last but not least Tulsi herbs are of different types i.e. Green, Black. Black tulsi herb is very good and have greater effects then green tulsi. So I suggest that every citizen should have atleast two palnts one of green and one of black tulsi in his/her house.

Thanks 7 have a nice day


Says Rahul Pathak on Apr 21, 2007

A44. medicines

Says deena dayalan on Apr 20, 2007

A45. it is the best for all....

Says vijay chhaira on Apr 19, 2007

A46. it is helpful to digestion and along with pitt vikar and also it is helpful for sceen deces

Says jitendra giri on Apr 20, 2007

A47. Chew raw Tulsi leaves as frequently as you can when ever you are suffering from throat infection.

Says Satish Kuna on Apr 20, 2007


Says ila shrivastava on Apr 18, 2007

A49. Boil water with tulasi, Ginger,Pepper,Fenugreek and coffe powder and drink. It is a best medicine for common cold and cough.
Tulasi having an ingredient calld phytoecdysteriod which is a hormone for sericulture in the last days growth. Which reduces the life cylce of larvae so that consumption of leaf gets reduced. Quantity of silk and shining of silk will increase.

Says Peringattulli Narayanan Vasudevan on Apr 20, 2007

A50. according to the our tradition and mythology tulsi was narrated as wonder plants.thats why in hindu tradition it was worshiped .Tulsi leaves are used to make kadha to cure cough and cold.we also used for fascial scrub to purify our skin

Says Santosh Sinha on Apr 19, 2007

A51. for the treatment of respiratory system disorder

Says Pradeep Khetani on Apr 18, 2007

A52. Tulsi is known in different regions, languages and dialects of India by a variety of other names, including Tulasi, Surasah, Ajaka, Parnasa, Manjari, Haripriya (beloved of Lord Vishnu) and Bhutagni (destroyer of demons). Hindu denominations may regard Tulsi Devi as representing the Goddess as Lakshmi, Sita, Vrinda, Radha, Rukmani or other feminine deities.

Lowers fevers, protects against gastric ulcers, reduces dangerous blood sugar levels in diabetics, and supports dental and periodontal health(and diminishes bad breath). Also protects against mercury poisoning, speeds healing of bone fractures, reduces nausea, vomiting and cramping, and repels insects, including mosquitoes and lice.

Says raj x on Apr 20, 2007

A53. Take five to six leaves of tulsi and ten leaves of Neem leaves crush both and eat .It is very useful for stomach and skin disorders.This should be taken in the beginning of summer for atleast 15/20 days ..Tulsi leaves mixed and boiled with tea is good for cold and cough and fever.

Says ANURADHA PATHAKJ on Apr 19, 2007

A54. Have 4 or 5 leafs empty stomach in the morning. It will increase your mental strength. Its goods for small children too.

Says Rajinder Negi on Apr 20, 2007

A55. Tulsi leaves to be crushed and applied directly on light rashes , immediately relives irritation.

Says nandini ratna on Apr 19, 2007